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Since 1997 our team has closed on the purchase and sale over 11,000 real estate transactions in 35 states.

Five key team members have worked together over ten years and our combined competencies contribute to our strategic advantage.

Voyager transactions map

Benefits to Our Approach

Bulls Eye
Passive Income
Non-Correlated Returns
Risk Adjusted Returns
Graph And Money
Very Low Investment to Value Ratio
No Leverage
Zero Leverage

Our Strategic Advantage

For nearly two decades in the making, we like small deals.

Rather than having millions of dollars invested in a single asset, we own thousands
of assets with a small investment in each one. We focus on three asset types:

Vacant Land

Rental Homes

Tax Lien Certificates

How we are different

The underlying strategy, and structure of our assets is very different from most other real estate equity funds. We do not invest millions of dollars into a handful of assets. We invest in small real estate assets, often only having a few hundred dollars invested in a tax lien, a few thousand dollars invested in a parcel of vacant land, and our investment in rental homes is in the tens-of-thousands, instead of hundreds of thousands (or millions).

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