Passive Income

Our approach is different. We seek assets for their ability to produce steady, reliable cash flow.

Non-Correlated Returns

Our yields are not tied to the stock market.  In fact, some of our assets are negatively correlated to the S&P500.


Our assets are diversified geographically, they are diversified across several different asset classes, and they are diversified across a variety of different exit strategies.


Risk Adjusted Returns

While producing very attractive returns, we are able to reduce our exposure to market volatility. A key function of this is our focus on cash flow vs property market values.
graph and money

Very Low Investment to Value Ratio

It is common for us to only have 5-20% of a property’s value invested in a given asset.

Zero Leverage

The Fund does not currently use leverage.  We do not use a credit line or other form of borrowing which in many Funds is superior to the investor’s equity interest.